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Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA), Graduate Research Assistants (GRA), and Graduate Assistant (GA)

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University of Kansas and the Kansas Board of Regents, are pleased to offer a student health insurance plan for eligible Graduate Teaching Assistants, Graduate Research Assistants, and Graduate Assistants. For eligible graduate assistants, a portion of the premium is paid by the University. The insurance coverage is effective for the semester the qualifying appointment is held.

To be eligible for the insurance in a given semester, students must:
  • Fall and spring semesters: You must have at least a 50% Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) and/or a Graduate Assistant (GA) appointment for a minimum of eight consecutive work weeks.
  • Summer sessions: You must have at least a 50% GTA, GRA, or GA appointment for a minimum of four consecutive work weeks;
  • Combined appointments: If you have a combination of GTA, GRA, and GA appointments, you are eligible for coverage if the combined appointments total at least 50% for the required number of weeks

University of Kansas will review eligibility for the health insurance plans with a University contribution based on the above criteria.

For a full description of the eligibility requirements please see KU's GSHI webpage.
For a list of Preferred Providers: Click Here

Semester open enrollment period

Fall July 25 - November 30, 2020
Spring December 1 - April 30, 2021
Summer May 1 - July 1, 2021

Step 1: Once you have submitted your insurance application online (enrollment link below), University of Kansas will verify your eligibility. This may take several weeks, depending upon the length of time it takes for your appointment as a GTA/GRA/GA to be fully approved.

Step 2: Once KU has verified your eligibility and approved your insurance application, you will receive an email with additional details and instructions on how to make your payment. Coverage for dependents is available, however, University of Kansas does not contribute to dependent coverage premiums. Enrollment is not complete until UHCSR has received your payment.

To submit your application please complete this  Enrollment Form

Information about Individual Dental and/or Vision Insurance: http://humanresources.ku.edu/individual-dental-vision-insurance
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