Welcome Kent State Graduate Assistant Students

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Kent State University has entered into an agreement with United Healthcare Student Resources to make a student health insurance plan available. This website is for enrollment in the University sponsored insurance plan for ONLY Graduate Assistants. If you are not sure whether or not you qualify, please check with your department before enrolling. All qualified Graduate Assistants are eligible to enroll in this plan. Home study, correspondence and online courses do not meet the UHCSR eligibility requirements Dependent spouses and children up to age 26 of enrolled degree seeking graduate students are eligible to enroll.

The University subsidizes 70% of the cost of the insurance premium for qualified graduate assistants. Graduate Assistants are responsible for 30% of the cost.

Policy Year: The student health insurance plan year is from 8/1/2023 through 7/31/2024.

Explanation of Coverage:

2023 Policy Brochure

Spring Semester open enrollment is from 5/1/2024 to 6/15/2024.

On-line enrollment for this health insurance plan is a TWO-STEP process:

Step 1: Complete the on-line application process via the link below.
Kent State University will verify your eligibility. This may take up to two business days, or longer if the graduate appointment cannot be verified. You will receive an e-mail from UHCSR confirming your eligibility with instruction on how to complete step 2 and submit premium payment.

Step 2: Follow the directions in the UHCSR e-mail to submit your premium payment. Payment can be made via credit card or e-check. Enrollment in this health insurance is NOT complete until UHCSR processes your payment.

For eligibility issues, please contact your academic department first to verify your eligibility, then if you believe you should be eligible but are unable to enroll, please contact:

Daniela Zurschmit
Academic Personnel
(330) 672-8701

For non-eligibility related questions, please contact:
CBO Staff
University Health Services
(330) 672-8251